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Table 1 Patients with active Herpes infections

From: GFS, a preparation of Tasmanian Undaria pinnatifida is associated with healing and inhibition of reactivation of Herpes

Patient Sex Age Virus Site infection Resolution of infection? If on maintenance, Inhibition of outbreaks? Comment
1 M 50 HSVI Orolabial Yes, no progression to lesion Yes, inhibition of further outbreaks on maintenance dose >2 years. Varied dosage, consistent inhibition.
2 F 14 HSV1 Orolabial Yes, very severe outbreak resolved within course. N/a Patient noted rapid reduction in pain.
3 F 72 HSVI prodrome Orolabial (prodrome) and ocular conjunctiva Yes, no progression to lesion Yes, continued Inhibition of low grade conjunctival HSVI for three months Notes improvement in skin condition.
4 M 40 HSVI prodrome Orolabial Yes, in normal time. N/a Not taken consistently. No benefit noted but no spread of lesion.
5 F 50 HSVI active lesion Orolabial Yes, in normal time N/a No spread of lesion and pain reduced. Took half dose only.
6. F 47 HSVI Orolabial Yes, reduction in lesion severity N/a No recurrence, no spread of lesion.
7. F 47 HSVI Orolabial Yes, rapid clearance compared to previous. N/a Post chemotherapy outbreak (breast cancer)
8 F 20 HSVII Genital Yes, lesions cleared. N/a  
9 F 42 HSVII Genital Yes. Existing lesion healed. Yes, inhibition of further outbreaks on maintenance dose 3 mths. Prior two weekly outbreaks of ACV resistant strain of HSVII.
10 F 23 HSVII Genital Yes, chronic lesion healed N/a  
11 F 17 EBV systemic Yes N/a Normal blood exam after 4 days course.
12 F <10 EBV Systemic Yes, EBV symptoms absent at ten days N/a Three capsules per day Chronic sinus infection also cleared
13 F 85 Zoster (shingles) Torso Yes Yes, inhibition for two months. Relief from lesions at 4 capsules per day
14. M Adult Zoster (chicken pox) Whole body sores Yes N/a Pain reduction, rapid clearing of lesions.
15 M 40 Zoster (shingles) T7,8, dermatome Right side Yes N/a Faster drying of lesions, increased speed of cycle, no change in pain