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Table 3 Mean log 10 reduction factor of E. coli after volunteers washing with 4 g of Moringa oleifera product, reference product (non-medicated liquid soap) or inert powder (calcium sulphate)

From: Efficacy of Moringa oleifera leaf powder as a hand- washing product: a crossover controlled study among healthy volunteers

Product Mean log reduction factor of Moringa or ref soap (SD) Mean log reduction factor of inert product (SD) Difference   P
Moringa 4 g dry 2.70 (0.27) 2.33 (0.35) 0.37 p=0.02
Moringa 4 g wet 2.91 (0.11) 2.33 (0.35) 0.58 p=0.0001
Reference soap 2.97 (0.28) 2.33 (0.35) 0.64 p=0.000002