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Table 5 Chemicals derived from herbal medicines not included in this review

From: Herbal medicine for the management of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and associated oligo/amenorrhoea and hyperandrogenism; a review of the laboratory evidence for effects with corroborative clinical findings

Isolated chemicals Evidence for effects
Phytoestrogens Hormonal effects in ovarian granulosa cells [107].
Berberine Comparison with metformin in PCOS [16]; ovarian theca cell hormone production [108].
Catechin derived from Camellia sinensis Effects of epigallocatechin gallate 1 on cellular metabolic endocrinology [72].
Sapponins derived from Tribulus terrestris Effects on reproductive endocrinology [109].
Paeoniflorin, glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetic acid Ovarian androgen production [110].
Isoflavones isolated from Vitex agnus-castus Selective oestrogen receptor activity (competitive inhibition via beta oestrogen receptors) [36].