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Figure 2

From: Acupuncture promotes white adipose tissue browning by inducing UCP1 expression on DIO mice

Figure 2

Electro-acupuncture promoted white adipose tissue browning through induction of UCP1 expression in DIO mice. (A) mRNA of UCP1 expression in Epi-WAR was detected by qPCR. Data were expressed as means ┬▒ SD, n = 16 in each group, * P < 0.05 vs Control. Experiment was repeated 3 times independently. (B) UCP1 protein expression, n = 3 in each group. Experiment was repeated 3 times independently. (C) Representative pictures of Epi-WAT in EA group. (D) H&E staining of Epi-WAT in mice EA group and control group.

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