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Table 1 Themes and verbatims

From: How mindfulness changed my sleep: focus groups with chronic insomnia patients

Theme Sub themes Selected verbatims
Impacts on sleep a. Impact of mindfulness on sleep “I have been a lot more aware of everything I’m trying to do at night. And one of the things I try to do is I try not to eat or have as much beverage, and it did make a difference.” (G1)
b. Motivation to adopt a healthy sleep lifestyle
“The body scan helped keep my mind from racing, so that I could just decompress and fall asleep” (G2)
“[I am] making it a priority to do the things that we all know we are supposed to do, but we don’t necessarily do. Like not watching T.V. in bed, not eating chocolate at 7 o’clock at night.” (G2)
Benefits of mindfulness on aspects of life beyond sleep a. Physical “It’s like holistically positive” (G2)
b. Emotional “It’s low impact and I don’t get stiff like I used to sitting working long hours. I feel better. I [can] tell if I skip it - I’m going to hurt.” (G2)
c. Relationships
d. Insights and changes in perception
e. Self-compassion “I feel that when I started doing the body scan I was at a stable emotional level throughout the day.” (G1)
f. Acceptance
“I’ve learned not to be so hard on myself. There’s a lot more things I could be doing than just being upset about myself.” (G1)
Challenges and successes in adopting mindfulness-based practices a. Experiences with mindfulness-based practices “enemy or best friend” (G1)
“I loved when we got into the yoga. I never did the body scan again.” (G1)
b. Incorporation of meditation practices into daily life
“there’s nowhere to go [and meditate] that someone isn’t going to be yelling ‘mom, mom’ ” (G1)
c. Intentional choices and actions
d. Barriers to practice – time and environment
“Because I have difficulty falling asleep and difficulty staying asleep… I kept my little iPod thing or MP3 player by the bed.” (G2)
Importance of group support a. Social support, validation and commitment to the group “They’ve walked in our shoes” (G2)
“I was like ‘wow, I’m not the only one.’ ” (G2)
b. Learning from others
c. Relationship with MBSR teacher “I don’t think I would have done it on my own… you really need the group to get you motivated.” (G1)
d. Accountability to clinical trial staff
“It was just helpful to learn with other people.” (G2)