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Table 4 Results of phytochemical group test of ETAS

From: Central-stimulating and analgesic activity of the ethanolic extract of Alternanthera sessilis in mice

Test for phytochemical group Reagent Results*
Reducing sugar Fehling’s test +
Benedict’s test +
Alkaloid Dragendorff’s test +
Steroid and terpenoid Salkowski’s test +
Libermann-Burchard reagent +
Tannin Ferric chloride test +
Glycoside Keller Killiani test (cardiac glycoside) -
Borntrager’s test (Anthraquinone glycosides) -
Gum/Carbohydrate Molish’s test -
Flavonoid Shinoda test +
Alkaline reagent test +
Saponin Frothing test -
  1. * “+” indicates presence and “-” indicates absence.