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Table 1 Interview questions

From: Perspectives of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners in the support and treatment of infertility

Topic Interview questions
Models of infertility How would you describe infertility?
Experiences from CAM practice Please discuss how [naturopathy/homeopathy/acupuncture…etc.] is used with your infertility patients.
  Is [naturopathy/homeopathy/acupuncture…etc.] used to support infertility or directly treat infertility?
  Do you observe gender difference in terms of your infertility practice?
Practitioners’ perceptions of CAM-infertility patients What, in your opinion, motivates patients with infertility to seek additional support through complementary and alternative medicine?
  Related to infertility, what would you describe as the greatest unmet need for these patients?
Collaborations What is your relationship with physicians who treat infertility using medical models?
Recommendations Recommendations for improvement?
  What recommendations would you make regarding emotional support for infertility?