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Table 1 Alpha diversity of gut microbiota in rats

From: The effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus hsryfm 1301 on the intestinal microbiota of a hyperlipidemic rat model

Group Sample collection time (d) Abundance index Diversity index
   Chao1 ACE Simpson Shannon
Control 1 16332.081a 23580.922a 0.067b 15.876a
28 16957.731a 23883.323a 0.072b 15.705a
56 14196.252b 21689.237b 0.088a 15.460b
Model 1 13796.613a 19983.587a 0.063c 15.864a
28 12538.624b 18339.896b 0.075b 15.221b
56 11200.145c 18168.955b 0.103a 14.828c
Hsryfm 1301 1 14699.544a 21791.684b 0.075b 15.531a
28 12836.493b 19663.483c 0.096a 14.763b
56 14947.348a 22180.152a 0.077b 15.455a
Hsryfm 1301-f 1 14725.082a 21799.783b 0.067b 15.740a
28 13664.791b 20176.062c 0.073a 15.406b
  56 14982.826a 22405.761a 0.068b 15.723a
  1. The Chao1, ACE, Simpson and Shannon indexes are presented for a similarity of 0.97 between the reads. Values of the same group within a column with different superscript letters mean the index differ significantly at different time points (P < 0.05, n =3).