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Figure 7

From: Organic silicon protects human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells against hydrogen peroxide effects

Figure 7

Diagram of the mechanism by which both H 2 O 2 and Si induce cellular damage and neuroprotection. H2O2 inducing apoptosis: H2O2, perhaps, by induction of death ligand, may activate death receptor responsible to activate caspase-8 (inductor enzyme) which activates caspase-3 (effectors enzyme). This last enzyme damages DNA and protein and as consequence produces apoptosis. H2O2 inducing necrosis: H2O2 (ROS) induces lipid peroxidation which conduces to LDH release and necrosis death. Si effect: In the presence of Si, H2O2 treated cells remove H2O2 (ROS) preventing neurotoxicity induced by it.

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