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Figure 2

From: Effects of KH-204 on the expression of heat shock protein 70 and germ cell apoptosis in infertility rat models

Figure 2

Histopathological findings of left testis (haematoxylin and eosin stain) in (A) the normal control group (n = 8, Conrtol), (B) the cryptorchidism-induced controls (n = 8, Crypto-control), (C) cryptorchidism-induced rats treated with 200 mg/kg (n = 8, Crypto-200) and (D) cryptorchidism-induced rats treated with 400 mg/kg (n = 8 Crypto-400). Compared with Conrtol, some necrosis (arrow) and a narrow germinal cell layer is observed Crypto-control. In the treated groups (C, D), the germinal cell layer is thicker than in Crypto-control. Scale bars shown in each figure represent 100 μm.

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