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Table 4 Comments of participants

From: Contemplative self healing in women breast cancer survivors: a pilot study in underserved minority women shows improvement in quality of life and reduced stress

What was your experience? I really found it much better than I truly anticipated.... When people brought things up it was relatable. It brought things to light and clicked like a puzzle put in.
I want to know why I didn’t know about something like this before. If I had this earlier in my diagnosis and after my surgery it would have helped a lot. I would have taken a different turn.
I was able to talk and get all these things out of me to make myself calmer. It helps me to relieve myself and relax.
I found myself honored and blessed to be in the company of my cohort and facilitators. We come from disparate backgrounds, yet we experience a one-ness that was nothing less than divine.
What was its effect? I used to be so angry but since this I’ve been so mellow. I have to worry about my sick husband and not myself and I one time felt like just packing up and running away from everyone. Until I listened to these CDs and reading and just meditated and listened.
Positive, empowering, emotionally freeing. It took a couple of rocks from my bag.
The change in the way we feel about ourselves. It helps you w/every aspect of your life. Sometimes you see some of those ladies with breast cancer and they feel so sorry for themselves. They don’t realize the power they have to heal themselves.
I knew nothing before and I had a lot of stress and it helped me be more positive. It taught me to take my time to think before acting. I think about giving people a chance.
I’m less anxious and more relaxed and it helped me realize when I’m anxious and then I use what I’ve learned.
I don’t worry about dying as I did before when it was a lingering thing. I have a new out look now with the meditation. I do need that meditation. It made me a new person in dealing with my cancer. It helped me to get off and slow the spinning wheel.
Made me stronger and less critical of myself more accepting of myself.
In a good way. I feel more competent that I could do whatever I want and that nothing is impossible.
It was great bcs I was able to go to the past and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I brought it to the future and it wasn’t as scary. It helped calm me down so I can get my life in order and not worry about dying.
What would you tell others? That it would be good and it helps to deal with the stress--how to deal.
I would tell everyone that they would learn about taking away your stress and anger. The teacher was very patient.
It helps you to relax and to understand more about yourself and your illness.
That they should go; they should make the time. There are many benefits.
Very helpful with everyday life even if you’re not sick it helps you with everyday living.
That it was quite helpful in concentration, learning to meditate, bring your body into one.
It’s very good. I recommend it to cancer patients and any other program. It helped me immensely.
Maybe doctors could learn from this. They could learn something for their patients. It’s helpful and it’s a worthwhile program.
  I would tell them how helpful it is with not just your physical situation but also the general situation.