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Table 1 Search strategy for PubMed/Medline

From: Characteristics of randomized controlled trials of yoga: a bibliometric analysis

#1 Yoga [MeSH Terms]
#2 Yoga* [Title/Abstract] OR Yogic [Title/Abstract] OR Pranayam* [Title/Abstract] OR Asana* [Title/Abstract]
#3 #1 OR #2
#4 Randomized Controlled Trial [Publication Type] OR controlled clinical trial [Publication Type] OR randomized [Title/Abstract] OR placebo [Title/Abstract] OR random [Title/Abstract] OR randomly[Title/Abstract] OR trial [Title/Abstract] OR group [Title/Abstract]
#5 #3 AND #4
  1. Asterisks (*) represent truncations (PubMed finds all terms that begin with a given text string).