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Table 1 Summary of the orders encompassing the southern African tree species analysed for the Phytomedicine tree database (PMDB)

From: Which tree orders in southern Africa have the highest antimicrobial activity and selectivity against bacterial and fungal pathogens of animals?

Number of tree species analysed per order Number of orders Orders
1 11 Aquifoliales, Bruniales, Canellales, Caryophyllales, Cornales, Crossomotales, Cyatheales, Fagales, Oxalidales, Pandanales, Zygophyllales
2 to 8 13 Arecales, Asparagales, Brassicales, Buxales, Coniferales, Cycadales, Geraniales, Laurales, Pinales, Santalales, Saxifragales, Vitales, Zingiberales
≥ 9 14 Apiales, Asterales, Celastrales, Ericales, Fabales, Gentianales, Lamiales, Magnoliales, Malpighiales, Malvales, Myrtales, Proteales, Rosales, Sapindales