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Table 2 The characteristics of included RCTs

From: Chinese patent medicines for the treatment of the common cold: a systematic review of randomized clinical trials

Name of CPMs Study ID Diagnostic criteria TCM pattern differentiation Patients Comparator Outcomes Adverse events
Chaihu injection (acupoint block in T1 or intramuscular injection in T2) Lv [9] Guiding principle of clinical research on new drugs of traditional Chinese Medicine* Not reported N = 253 (100 in T1, 52 in T2, 50 in C1, and 51 in C2); M/F: not reported; Age: not reported; C1: saline acupoint block; C2: ribavirin Fever clearance time and cure rate Not mentioned.
Ganmao Qingre granules Di [10] Chinese clinical integrative medicine Textbook Wind-cold type of common cold N = 60 (30/30); M/F: 18/12 in T and 16/14 in C; Age: 6 months-12 years Pediatric paracetamol Cure rate Not mentioned.
Shuanghuanglian oral liquid Wang [11] Clinical symptoms and laboratory test results Not reported N = 100 (50/50); M/F: not reported; Age: 6 months-14 years Ribavirin injection Cure rate No adverse event was identified.
Xiaoer Baotaikang granules Wu [12] Criteria of diagnosis and therapeutic effect of TCM diseases* Wind-heat type of common cold N = 100 (50/50); M/F: not reported; Age: 4.28 ± 3.37 years in T, and 4.56 ± 3.44 years in C. Amoxicillin granules Cure rate Not mentioned.
Xiaoer Resuqing oral liquid Li [13] Diagnostic criteria for high fever of external contraction (Waigan Gaore in TCM syndroms)* Not reported N = 120 (65/55); M/F: 75/45; Age: 8 months-7 years Moroxydine tablets Cure rate Not mentioned.
  1. *Issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China.