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Figure 10

From: Antidiabetic, renal/hepatic/pancreas/cardiac protective and antioxidant potential of methanol/dichloromethane extract of Albizzia Lebbeck Benth. stem bark (ALEx) on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Figure 10

Effect of Albizia Lebbeck Benth. stem bark extract (ALEx) on histological profile of kidney in normal, STZ-induced diabetic untreated and STZ-induced diabetic treated wistar rats (Original magnification 40×, DXIT 1200 , Nikon, Japan). (i) NKALx: Heamatoxylin and eosin (H/E) stained sections of kidney of normal control rats showing normal glomeruli with normal baseline and tubules (yellow arrows). (ii) STK: Section of kidney of STZ-induced diabetic rats depicting destroyed glomeruli with fat deposition on baseline along with infiltration of lymphocytes (yellow arrows). (iii) KAL100: Kidney section of diabetic rats treated with ALEx at dose of 100 mg/kg body wt. portraying improved vasculature and glomeruli (yellow arrows). (iv) KAL200: Section of kidney of diabetic rats treated with 200 mg/kg body wt. of ALEx showing normal tubules along with virtually improved structure of glomeruli. (yellow arrows). (v) KAL300: Kidney section of diabetic treated rats with 300 mg/kg body wt of ALEx depicting nearly normal glomeruli (yellow arrows). (vi) KAL400: Section of kidney of diabetic rat received 400 mg/kg body wt. of ALEx showing normal glomeruli with no infiltration of lymphocytes (yellow arrows). (vii)KGLIB: Section of kidney of the rat supplemented with Glibenclamide showing normal glomeruli with improved structure of tubules (yellow arrows).

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