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Table 2 Effect of extracts from roots/rhizomes of C. articulatus on O. ochengi in primary screens

From: Anti-Onchocerca activity and phytochemical analysis of an essential oil from Cyperus articulatus L

Test substance (concentration tested) % Microfilarial motility reduction % Adult male worm motility reduction % Adult female worm death Comment
CARhex (500 μg/ml) 100 100 100 Macro- and microfilaricidal
CARmc (500 μg/ml) 25 50 25 Inactive
CARmet (500 μg/ml) 25 75 25 Inactive on Mfs and adult females; moderately active on adult males
Ivermectin (10 μg/ml) 100 NA NA Microfilaricidal
NYBC01 (10 μM) 100 100 100 Macro- and microfilaricidal
DMSO (2%) 0 0 0 Inactive
  1. NA = Not applicable.
  2. The gold-conjugated compound, NYBC01 was used as positive control for adult worm assay, while ivermectin was similarly used in the microfilarial assay. The drug diluent, 2% dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) was used as negative control.