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Table 1 Antioxidant activity values, total phenolic and total flavonoids contents for T. crispa extract

From: Immunomodulatory effect of an isolated fraction from Tinospora crispa on intracellular expression of INF-γ, IL-6 and IL-8

  FRAP assay μmol Fe + 2/mg Redical scavenging assay Total phenolic contents mg GAE/g Total flavonoid contents mg TE/g
DPPH inhibition % IC50 μg/ml
Ascorbic acid 7951.85 ± 330.42 69.03 ± 9.3 19   
T. crispa 11011.11 ± 1145.42 55.79 ± 7.9 22 213.16 ± 1.31 62.07 ± 39.76
  1. Data here are expressed as mean ± standard deviation, FRAP value is expressed asFe+2equivalents IC50 value for the DPPH assay expressed as μg/ml. Total phenolic content is expressed as Gallic acid equivalents (GAE), while the Total flavonoid content is expressed as Trolox equivalents (TE).