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Table 3 Prevalence, modes and characteristics of CAM use among patients with T2D (n = 333)

From: Prevalence and correlates of complementary and alternative medicine use among diabetic patients in Beirut, Lebanon: a cross-sectional study

Prevalence and types of CAM used among diabetic patients n (%)
Used CAM in the previous year  
Yes 70(21)
No 263(79)
Used CAM since diagnosis  
Yes 127(38.1)
No 206(61.9)
CAM related characteristics among CAM users (n = 127)  
CAM choice*  
Friends 84(66.1)
Media 25(19.7)
Family believes 14(11.0)
Personal choice 13(10.2)
Health practitioner 9(7.1)
Reasons of CAM use*  
Trying CAM for the sake of experiment 81(63.8)
Belief in advantages of CAM practices 53(41.7)
Looking for another solution 23(18.1)
Lost hope with conventional therapy 6(4.7)
CAM is accessible and available 1(0.8)
What was your expectation when you were using CAM  
Prevent progression of diabetes 34(26.8)
No expectations 29(22.8)
Complete cure of disease 28(22.0)
Lowering blood glucose level 24(19.0)
Weight loss 3(2.4)
Better health status 2(1.6)
Other** 6(4.7)
Feeling after CAM use*  
Feeling of strengthening of body 60(47.2)
Feeling of no change 58(45.7)
Feeling of disappearance of several symptoms 40(31.5)
Feeling of being in good psychological condition 31(24.4)
Feeling physically worse 7(5.5)
Feeling rise of several symptoms 6(4.7)
Not decided 2(1.6)
Feeling of being in bad psychological condition 1(0.8)
Fear of the product and its effect 1(0.8)
Improvement of sexual life 1(0.8)
How do you assess the usefulness of CAM?  
No useful at all 45(35.4)
Very useful 30(23.6)
Not sure/unable to assess 28(22.0)
Of limited usefulness 24(18.9)
Side effects from CAM use  
Yes 13(10.2)
No 113(89.0)
Undecided 1(0.8)
Would you use CAM again?  
Yes 64(50.4)
No 59(46.5)
Undecided 4(3.1)
Would you Recommended CAM to other T2DM patients?  
Yes 46(37.1)
No 49(39.5)
Undecided 29(23.4)
Was your use complementary or alternative (n = 86)?  
Complementary 68(79.1)
Alternative 18(20.9)
Did you consult a doctor before using CAM (n = 130)?  
Yes 9(6.9)
No 121(93.1)
CAM related characteristics among diabetic non-users (n = 206)  
Reasons for not using CAM*  
Do not believe in it 133(64.6)
The doctor did not prescribe it 58(28.1)
Afraid of the side effects 47(22.8)
Never heard of it 15(7.3)
Additional expenses and useless 14(6.8)
Do no need it 12(5.8)
Mainstream medicine is the best 4(1.9)
Not interested 4(1.9)
CAM is not evidence based 3(1.4)
No one advised its use 3(1.4)
Other*** 3 (1.4)
Would you consider using CAM in the future  
Yes 37(18.0)
No 169(82.0)
  1. * More than one answer was applicable.
  2. Other **: *Other expectations when you were using CAM: Getting rid from sorcery spell (n = 1), Cure from osteoarthritis (n = 1), Pain relief (n = 2), Stop using medications (n = 1), feeling psychologically better (n = 1).
  3. Other ***There is no definite and ultimate cure for T2DM, Negligence, Old way of treating diseases.
  4. These questions were asked only to CAM non users.