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Table 1 Reagents and instruments used in this study

From: Brain areas involved in the acupuncture treatment of AD model rats: a PET study

Reagents and instruments Type Source
D-Galactose (d-gal) - Shanghai No. 2 reagent company
Ibotenic acid (IBA) - Sigma Chemical Co. P.O.
sodium pentobarbital - Beijing Chemical Reagent Company
sodium benzylpenicillin - Harbin Group Pharmaceutical Factory
Normal sodium, NS - Guangxi Nanning Bai-hui Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD
stereotaxic apparatus WDT-2 Xian Northwest Photoelectric Instrument Factory
18 F-FDG - General Hospital of PLA
MicroPET imaging system nanoScan PET SIEMENS, Germany
ECAT EXACT HR + PET imaging system HR+ SIEMENS, Germany
Animal breathing anaesthesia machine VME Matrx Company, America
isoflurane - Hebei Jiu-pai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD
Rat Y-maze RD1102-YM-R Zhenhua Teaching Instrument Yuanyang, Hebei