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Table 2 Number of survived ICR mice following a single (acute toxicity) and multiple (subacute toxicity) oral dosing of plumbagin

From: Antimalarial activity of plumbagin in vitro and in animal models

  Test group Number of mice (survived/total)
Acute toxicity Control (20% Tween-80) 6/6
Plumbagin: 500 mg/kg body weight 0/6
Plumbagin: 200 mg/kg body weight 4/6
Plumbagin: 100 mg/kg body weight 6/6
Subacute toxicity Control (Tween-80) 6/6
Plumbagin: 100 mg/kg body weight 0/6
Plumbagin: 50 mg/kg body weight 0/6
Plumbagin: 25 mg/kg body weight 6/6