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Table 1 Tested plants

From: A study of antioxidant activity, enzymatic inhibition and in vitro toxicity of selected traditional sudanese plants with anti-diabetic potential

Plant name Family Parts used Reported medicinal uses[17–20]
Acacia senegal Fabaceae–Mimosoidae Fruits Treatment of diabetes and chronic renal failure. Stem exudates (gums) are used as demulcents and against diarrhoea and ulcers
Ambrosia maritima Asteraceae Leaves Hepatoprotective and Molluscicidal, The herbs are used in treatment of urinary tract infections and elimination of kidneystones, whereas the leaves are used as anti-diabetic and anti-hypertensive
Ammi visnaga Apiaceae Fruits Used for renal urethra stones, smooth muscle relaxant
Foeniculum vulgare Apiaceae Fruits Carminative, flatulence and digestive. It is also used in veterinary medicine
Nigella sativa Ranunculaceae Seeds Treatment of diabetes, hypertension, abdominal ulcers, prostate gland and lung injury(Cuneyt Tayman)
Sesamum indicum Pedaliaceae Seeds Treatment, for cough and cold. also used as nutritive, laxative, demulcent and emollient propertie