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Table 2 The use of products considered complementary alternative medicine (CAM) among adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, n = 97) and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA, n = 50)

From: Complementary and alternative medicine use in adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease and juvenile idiopathic arthritis

  IBD patients using CAM JIA patients using CAM
No. of patients using CAM (percentage of respondents with the given diagnosis) 52 (54%) 19 (38%)
  The proportions of the products used that are considered CAM (among CAM users)
Probiotics 62% 58%
Multivitamin products 54% 42%
Minerals and trace elements* 37% 21%
Omega-3 and −6 products 23% 37%
Supplementary nutrition products for athletes 12% 0%
Mind-body medicine 7.7% 0%
Body-based practices and energy medicine 3.8% 5.3%
  1. The differences between the IBD and JIA groups are not statistically significant.
  2. *iron and calcium substitutions excluded.