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Figure 3

From: Medicinal attributes of Solanum xanthocarpum fruit consumed by several tribal communities as food: an in vitro antioxidant, anticancer and anti HIV perspective

Figure 3

Anti-HIV and Cytotoxic activities of S. xanthocarpum fruit extracts. (A) Anti-HIV reverse transcriptase (RT) activity was measured at extract concentrations of 0.6 and 6.0 μg/ml. (B) Cytotoxic potential of extracts was measured against HOP-62 (lung) and THP-1 (leukemia) human cancer cell lines in presence of 100 μg of extract per well. The results are expressed as mean ± SD of three replicates. Anti-HIV and cytotoxic activity of S. xanthocarpum fruit varied significantly with different extracts (p < 0.001). Abbreviations: HX-hexane, BZ-benzene, CH-chloroform, EA-ethyl acetate, AC-acetone, ET-ethyl alcohol and AQ-water extracts.

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