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Table 4 Top enriched annotation terms associated with the 56 genes differentially expressed upon exposure to Gelsemium s. 2c in SH-SY5Y cells

From: Extreme sensitivity of gene expression in human SH-SY5Y neurocytes to ultra-low doses of Gelsemium sempervirens

Category Annotation term P value Genes Fold enrichment
SP_PIR_KEYW receptor 8.32E-11 AIPL1, OR4X1, CASR, OR5C1, GPR25, GALR2, OR7C2, MRGPRF, CLEC7A, TREM2 3.68
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0007186 ~ G-protein coupled receptor protein signalling pathway 6.60E-11 OR4X1, CASR, OR5C1, CCL23, GPR25, GALR2, OR7C2, MRGPRF, TAC4 4.17
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0007166 ~ cell surface receptor linked signal transduction 0.001 OR4X1, CASR, OR5C1, CCL23, DOK5, GPR25, GALR2, OR7C2, MRGPRF, CLEC7A, TAC4 0.08
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0051606 ~ detection of stimulus 0.02 AIPL1, CASR, CLEC7A 13.23
INTERPRO IPR017452:GPCR, rhodopsin-like superfamily 0.009 OR4X1, OR5C1, GPR25, GALR2, OR7C2, MRGPRF 4.44
KEGG_PATHWAY hsa04740:Olfactory transduction 0.09 OR4X1, OR5C1, OR7C2 5.31
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0006954 ~ inflammatory response 0.02 C8B, CCL23, CLEC7A, CD163 6.40
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0006952 ~ defense response 0.02 C8B, CCL23, MPO, CLEC7A, CD163 4.23
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0006955 ~ immune response 0.03 C8B, CCL23, LST1, CLEC7A, TREM2 3.77
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0006874 ~ cellular calcium ion homeostasis 0.04 CASR, CCL23, GALR2 8.53
GOTERM_BP_FAT GO:0030182 ~ neuron differentiation 0.04 LST1, NKX6-2, GALR2, EN2 4.75
GOTERM_CC_FAT GO:0005886 ~ plasma membrane 0.02 CASR, OR5C1, SLC7A9, MRGPRF, CDHR5, CD163, C8B, OR4X1, ADAP2, GALR2, GPR25, OR7C2, CLEC7A, TREM2 1.65
GOTERM_CC_FAT GO:0005576 ~ extracellular region 0.071 KLKBL4, C8B, CCL23, MPO, TAC4, TREM2, CSN1S1, CD163 2.03
SP_PIR_ KEYW Disulfide bond 1.06E-12 KLKBL4, OR5C1, ALPK3, SLC7A9, GALNTL1, CSN1S1, CD163, C8B, OR4X1, CCL23, GALR2, OR7C2, MPO, CLEC7A, TREM2 2.99
SP_PIR_ KEYW Glycoprotein 0.06 KLKBL4, CASR, OR5C1, MRGPRF, CDHR5, CD163, C8B, OR4X1, GALR2, OR7C2, MPO, CLEC7A, TREM2 1.75
  1. The analysis was performed by DAVID Bioinformatics Resources 6.7 ( The genes associated with annotation terms with enrichment p < 0.1 are reported here.