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Table 1 Previous reports on the traditional uses of the selected Ficus species * F. religiosa is a naturalized exotic from China

From: Evaluation of the inhibition of carbohydrate hydrolysing enzymes, antioxidant activity and polyphenolic content of extracts of ten African Ficus species (Moraceae) used traditionally to treat diabetes

Species Section Sub-section Parts used Uses Reference
F. capreifolia Delile (sandpaper fig) sycidium - Leaf, root Infections, vulnerary schistosomiasis [35]
F. cordata Thunb. (Namaqua rock fig) urostigma urostigma Bark stem Treatment of diarrhoea, tuberculosis [36]
F. craterostoma Mildbr. & Burret. (forest fig) galoglychia chlamydodorae leaves Treatment of stomach ache [37]
F. glumosa Delile (hair rock fig) galoglychia platyphyllae Leaves, stem/bark Treatment of skin diseases, diabetes, [30, 38]
F. lutea Vahl. (giant-leaves fig) galoglychia galoglychia Leaves, bark Treatment of sores, boils, madness, rabies [39, 40]
F. natalensis Hochst. (coastal strangler fig) galoglychia chlamydodorae Leaf, fruits, bark Treatment of skin infections, colic, venereal diseases [18, 38, 41]
F. polita Vahl. (heart-leaved fig) galoglychia caulocarpae Leaves, fruits, bark, root Dyspepsia, infectious diseases, abdominal pain, diarrhoea [42]
F. religiosa L. (bo tree or sacred fig) *- *- Leaves, bark/stem Treatment of ulcers, bacterial infections, asthma, diabetes [43, 44]
F. sycomorus L. (sycamore fig) sycomorus sycomorus Stem/bark, leaves, root, Treatment of tumours, inflammation, mental madness, pain, bacterial infections, diabetes [4547]
F. thonningii Blume (bark-cloth fig) galoglychia chlamydodorae Leaves, fruits Bronchitis, urinary tract infection, epilepsy, diabetes [41, 47]