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Table 1 Intercorrelations between motion sickness susceptibilities and simulator sickness symptom ratings

From: Simultaneous transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation mitigates simulator sickness symptoms in healthy adults: a crossover study

Simulator sickness questionnaire (SSQ) scores
  Nausea Oculomotor Disorientation Total
MSSQ-A 0.059(0.861) 0.120(0.670) 0.240(0.390) 0.242(0.384)
MSSQ-B −0.039(0.890) 0.133(0.636) 0.227(0.417) 0.228(0.415)
  1. MSSQ-A: Motion Sickness Susceptibility score A for children (<12 years); MSSQ-B: Motion Sickness Susceptibility score B for adults (>12 years). Data are Spearman rho’s correlation coefficients (p-value in parentheses).