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Table 1 List of plants screened in this study and their report local uses

From: In vitro anticancer screening of 24 locally used Nigerian medicinal plants

Species Family Voucher specimen (Part used) Reported local medicinal uses Extract yield (%)
Acanthus montanus (Nees) T. Anders Acanthacease TVN-A08 (l,r,s) Syphilis, emetic, urethral discharge, purgative [17] 4.05
Allanblackia floribunda Oliv. Guttiferae TVN-A33 (l,b,r,f) Malaria, dysentery [18] 4.63
Amaranthus spinosus L. Amaranthaceae TVN-A04 (l,st) Diarrhea, dysentery, Gonorrhea [18] 6.76
Bidens pilosa L. Compositae TVN-A75 (l,b,st) Antidiabetic, anaesthetic [19] 8.64
Bryophyllum pinnatum Lam. Crassulaceae TVN-A64 (l) Respiratory tract infections, antibacterial [20] 1.54
Byrsocarpus coccineus Schumach Connaraceae TVN-A14 (b,l) Jaundice, pile, gonorrhea, venereal disease, impotence [21] 5.79
Cajanus cajan L. Leguminosae TVN-A09 (l) Smallpox, chicken pox, malaria [18, 22] 4.08
Capsicum frutescens L. Solanaceae TVN-A03 (f,s) Malaria, Fever, dysentery [18] 1.94
Chromolaena odorata (L.) R.M. King & H. Rob. Rosaceae TVN-A02 (l,st,r) Malaria, antimicrobial [18, 23] 9.19
Crassocephalum crepidioides (Benth.) S. Moore. Compositae TVN-A34 (l,r,s,f) Indigestion, stomach ache, headache [24] 6.38
Daniellia oliveri Hutch & Dalz. Leguminosae TVN-A11 (l) Backache, headache, antibacterial, yellow fever [25] 5.47
Erythrophleum suaveolens (Guill. & Perr.) Brenan Leguminosae TVN-A65 (b) Poison, cardiac problems, venom intoxication, inflammatory diseases [22] 12.47
Hoslundia opposita Vahl. Labiatae TVN-A72 (l) Abdominal pains, epilepsy, neurotic disorders [26] 5.82
Jatropa curcas L. Euphorbiaceae TVN-A19 (l) Ringworm, eczema, ulcer [18] 1.31
Landolphia dulcis Var. Barteri Apocynaceae TVN-A07 (b) Rheumatism, cough, kidney diseases, antibacterial [27] 5.75
Lannea nigritana (Sc. Elliot) Keay. Anacardaceae TVN-A61 (l,b,r) None 5.09
Ocimum basilicum L. Lamiaceae TVN-A10 (l) Gonorrhea, catarrhal conditions, cough, anthelmintics [28] 9.7
Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) G. Don. Leguminosae TVN-A01 (l) Malaria, fever [18, 23] 3.87
Parkia filicoidea Welw. Mimosaceae TVN-A35 (l,st) None 7.02
Pterocarpus santalinoides DC. Fabaceae TVN-A06 (l,st) Insecticidal, larvicidal [17, 29, 30] 3. 34
Rauvolfia vomitoria Afzel. Apocynaceae TVN-A28 (b) Sedative/mental disorder, antidiabetic, malaria [19, 23] 6.61
Sida acuta Burm. F. Malvaceae TVN-A77 (l,st) Malaria, ulcer, fever [18] 2.47
Tetrapleura tetraptera Taub. Leguminosae TVN-A73 (l,r,s,f) Sickle cell [31] 10.52
Vitex doniana Sw. Verbenaceae TVN-A16 (b,r) Gastroenteritis, diarrhea, antimicrobial [32] 26.75
  1. Plant parts are denoted as follows: 1=leaves, b= Bark st= Stem, s= Seeds, r= Roots.