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Table 2 Mean total phenolic content of plant extracts expressed as GAE and anti-scavenging activity of the plant extracts represented as TEAC

From: Antioxidant activity and ultrastructural changes in gastric cancer cell lines induced by Northeastern Thai edible folk plant extracts

Plant extracts Total plenolics(mg GAE/g dry weight) Anti-scavenging activity (mM TEAC/g dry weight)
S. gratum (Wight) 149.789 ± 0.381 2,823.521 ± 27.521
J. gangetica L. 16.513 ± 0.130a 313.141 ± 39.713a
L. flava (L.) 14.334 ± 0.463a 900.845 ± 20.346a,b
  1. Values were expressed as means ± SD of replicates from 3 separated assays. a p<0.05 VS S. gratum, b p<0.05 VS J. gangetica.