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Figure 1

From: The hexane fraction of Ardisia crispa Thunb. A. DC. roots inhibits inflammation-induced angiogenesis

Figure 1

Chromatographic separation and fractionation of Ardisia crispa roots. Column chromatographic separation was repeated three times to collect QRF (38.38% w/w). A–E represent the five major fractions obtained using the hexane:ethyl acetate gradients. Fraction 1: AC-2 Rf 0.76 in fractions C and D (vials 91–150). The mixture of fractions C and D obtained in fraction 1 was separated to yield fraction 2. Fraction 2: AC-2 Rf 0.76 in fractions C and D (vials 56–88). The mixture of C and D from fraction 2 was separated again to yield QRF.

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