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Figure 4

From: Cardiotonic pill attenuates white matter and hippocampal damage via inhibiting microglial activation and downregulating ERK and p38 MAPK signaling in chronic cerebral hypoperfused rat

Figure 4

Effects of CP on increased levels of hippocampal phosphorylated MAPKs induced by chronic BCCAo. (A) Representative western blot of total MAPKs and phosphorylated MAPKs. (B) The hippocampal levels of phosphorylated ERK (p-ERK) and p38 (p-p38), but not JNK (p-JNK), were increased by chronic BCCAo (*). CP administration attenuated the increased levels of hippocampal p-ERK and p-p38 induced by chronic BCCAo (#). Each group had 8 subjects.

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