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Figure 2

From: Cardiotonic pill attenuates white matter and hippocampal damage via inhibiting microglial activation and downregulating ERK and p38 MAPK signaling in chronic cerebral hypoperfused rat

Figure 2

Effects of CP on the chronic BCCAo-induced microglial activation in the white matter and hippocampus. Immunohistological staining was conducted to investigate the expression of Iba-1 and OX-6 in regions of the white matter and the hippocampal subregions (CA1, CA3, and DG), in the sham-control group (n = 4), BCCAo + Vehicle group (n = 5), and BCCAo + CP group (n = 5). (A) Representative photomicrograph of Iba-1 (A and B) and OX-6 (E and F) positive cells. (B) The number of Iba-1 (C and D) and OX-6 (G and H) positive cells was increased in the chronic BCCAo rats compared to the sham-control rats (*), an effect that was not observed in the chronic BCCAo rats under CP administration (#).

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