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Figure 8

From: Gracilaria edulis extract induces apoptosis and inhibits tumor in Ehrlich Ascites tumor cells in vivo

Figure 8

Survival of EAT cells bearing animals treated with EEGE. Mice were inoculated i.p. with 6 × 106 cells and after 24 h, they were treated i.p. with daily 0.2 ml injections of 25 μg/ml (♦), 50 μg/ml (▲) and 100 μg/ml EEGE () throughout their lifespan. Mice from the control group were treated with 0.2 ml of vehicle, PBS containing 10% Tween 80 (▪). Curves were represented by the method described by Kaplan–Meier and differences among groups were analyzed by Log-rank (Cox–Mantel) test for non-parametric procedures (*p < 0.05 compared with vehicle-treated tumor group and n = 6/group).

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