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Figure 1

From: Methanol extract of Melastoma malabathricum leaves exerted antioxidant and liver protective activity in rats

Figure 1

Macroscopic observations of untreated and treated liver of rats. A) normal liver, B) liver intoxicated with 3 g/kg paracetamol: gross image shows large area of discoloration (arrow), C) liver pre-treated with 200 mg/kg silymarin and induced with paracetamol: tiny hemorrhage spot was noted (arrow), D) liver pre-treated with 50 mg/kg MEMM and induced by paracetamol, E) liver pre-treated with 250 mg/kg MEMM and induced by paracetamol, F) liver pre-treated with 500 mg/kg MEMM and induced by paracetamol.

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