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Table 2 Contents of total phenolic and flavonoids of leaf extracts of three Potentilla species

From: Phytochemical profiles, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of three Potentilla species

Species Total phenolic content (mmol equiv. GAE/100 g) Total flavonoid content (mmol equiv. QUE/100 g)
P. fruticosa 84.93 ± 0.50c 84.14 ± 0.03c
P. glabra 69.21 ± 0.64b 72.76 ± 0.02b
P. parvifolia 55.22 ± 0.75a 41.87 ± 0.04a
  1. mmol equiv. GAE/100 g: millimole gallic acid equivalent per 100 gram.
  2. mmol equiv. QUE/100 g: millimole quercetin equivalent per 100 gram.
  3. Each values represented in tables are means ± SD (N=3).
  4. Values with different letters (a, b, c) within same column are significantly different (P<0.05).