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Table 3 Illustrative comments on patient engagement in health care

From: Patient perspectives on care received at community acupuncture clinics: a qualitative thematic analysis

Codes Quotes
Supporting mission/philosophy “I support their economic and political model. I applaud them for putting healthcare and access before economic, academic, and political hierarchies. It takes a lot of integrity and resilience as well as selflessness to practice a style of health care and organization such as theirs in a society that operates from money, greed, competition, and egoism- [especially] in such an “elite” field as medicine. The traditional economic model in the U.S. runs on fear and perceptions of security. WCA rises above that and challenges us all- to health!”
Appreciating practitioners  
Technical processes: “Your knowledgeable practitioners and affordable fees have cured in three weeks a condition I have been battling for almost a year. Awesome results!”
Interpersonal processes: “The level of commitment between practitioner/client is strong. The practitioners’ devotion to helping people is very clear, the community is warm and welcoming and all clients are taking initiative for their well-being.”
Taking control of health “I'm so glad that WCA is here. I feel more empowered as I can make the appointments with relatively short notice, and feel like I have a bit of control over my illnesses.”
Experiencing multifaceted health benefits “I'm just amazed at the remarkable, very real improvement to my physical and emotional well-being. I didn't come in for stress or anything, but have noticed an improvement in my sense of well-being, too.”
“I [cannot] say enough about how much my health has improved w/ treatment at WCA. I have no pain from the neuroma; my TMJ pain is completely gone. My stress from my job has become so manageable with each treatment.”
Managing own illness “It has changed my whole way of thinking about my health and wellness. It gives me a source of hope when experiencing health issues-I know that I can turn to something that will work for pain, stress, allergies, etc.”