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Figure 5

From: A phenolic ester from Aglaia loheri leaves reveals cytotoxicity towards sensitive and multidrug-resistant cancer cells

Figure 5

Measurement of apoptosis induction by Maldi 531.2[M + H] + in CEM/ADR5000 determined by incubation with annexin V. Data are means ± SEM of three replicates of two independent experiments with reference to their controls: Untreated cells served as negative control; 10 μM camptothecin (CAMPT) and 10 μg/mL doxorubicin (doxo) - treated cells as positive control. Significant differences in apoptotic activity between treatments are indicated by various groups of subsets: Early - “abc”; late apoptosis - “mno” and dead cells – “xy”. Cells treated with 0.05 μM Maldi 531.2[M + H]+ did not show significant apoptotic activity compared to negative control cells in all stages but significantly different from cells treated with the positive controls and those cells treated with 0.5 and 1.0 μM Maldi 531.2[M + H]+ (P < 0.05). However, early apoptosis in cells treated with 0.05 μM Maldi 531.2[M + H] + is not significantly different from early apoptosis in cells treated with 1.0 μM but significantly different from 0.5 μM Maldi 531.2[M + H] + treated cells. Bars of same subsets are not significantly different from each other.

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