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Table 6 Effects of SCEE administration on protein, TBARS and GSH profile of liver

From: Investigation on flavonoid composition and anti free radical potential of Sida cordata

Group Protein (μg/mg tissue) TBARS (nM/min/mg protein) GSH (μM/g tissue)
Control 3.1±0.1a 1.3±0.2d 29.3±2.5a
Oil+DMSO 2.6±0.2b 1.4±0.2d 25.7±2.1a
CCl4 (1 ml/kg) 1.3±0.2d 3.7±0.4a 11.3±2.5c
Silymarin (200 mg/kg)+CCl4 2.8±0.2ab 1.8±0.2cd 27.3±3.5a
SCEE (150 mg/kg)+CCl4 1.5±0.1cd 2.7±0.1b 17.7±3.1bc
SCEE (300 mg/kg)+CCl4 1.8±0.1c 2.3±0.2bc 24.0±2.7ab
SCEE (300 mg/kg) 2.8±0.1ab 1.6±0.2cd 31.0±2.7a
  1. Values are expressed as mean±SD (N=3). Values within the same column with different superscripts letters are significantly (P<0.05) different. (SCHE); n-hexane fraction, (SCEE); ethyl acetate fraction, (SCBE); n-butanol fraction, (SCAE), aqueous fraction.