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Table 3 IC 50 correlation with total flavonoid and total phenolic contents

From: Investigation on flavonoid composition and anti free radical potential of Sida cordata

Activity Correlation R2
  Flavonoids Phenolics
DPPH scavenging activity 0.57 0.46
Hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity 0.78* 0.86*
Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity 0.89** 0.85*
ABTS scavenging activity 0.67* 0.65
Anti lipid per oxidation activity 0.92** 0.97**
β - carotene bleaching scavenging activity 0.55 0.44
Superoxide radical scavenging activity 0.73* 0.82*
  1. Values are expressed as mean±SD (N=3). Values within the same column with different superscripts letter are significantly different. *=P<0.05; **=P<0.01.