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Table 2 IC 50 values of different antioxidant assays of extract and various fractions of S. cordata

From: Investigation on flavonoid composition and anti free radical potential of Sida cordata

Activity IC50(μg/ml)
DPPH scavenging activity 235±1.4c 795±5.3a 135±1.2e 147±1.4d 275±3.2b 25±1.1f
Hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity 272±1.8c 469±2.7b 154±2.3e 223±2.1d 622±3.7a 99±2.2f
Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity 298±2.1c 578±4.2a 189±1.5d 206±1.3e 455±4.1b 32±0.9f
ABTS scavenging activity 259±0.9a 260±2.1a 143±0.8d 224±1.4c 236±2.2b 55±1.3e
Anti lipid per oxidation activity 212±3.1c 276±2.6b 119±1.0e 153±1.1d 314±2.8a 31±0.8f
β -carotene bleaching activity 221±1.7c 647±3.9a 153±1.1d 156±1.7d 249±1.6b 35±1.7e
Superoxide radical scavenging activity 139±2.0c 197±2.3b 114±1.3d 136±2.1c 242±3.1a 41±2.3e
  1. Values are expressed as mean±SD (N=3), a=Ascorbic acid. Means with superscripts with different letters in the rows are significantly (P<0.05) different from each other. (SCHE); n-hexane fraction, (SCEE); ethyl acetate fraction, (SCBE); n-butanol fraction, (SCAE), aqueous fraction.