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Table 1 Quantitative profile of total flavonoids content and total phenolic content in the methanol extract and various fractions of S. cordata

From: Investigation on flavonoid composition and anti free radical potential of Sida cordata

Extract/Fraction Total flavonoid content (mg rutin equivalent/g extract/fraction) Total phenolic content (mg gallic acid equivalent/g extract/fraction)
SCME 154±6.7a 286.7±17.5c
SCHE 66±5.1e 49.0±3.6d
SCEE 312±1b 683.3±15.3a
SCBE 246±1c 485.3±13.2b
SCAE 88±5.6d 24.6±2.7e
  1. Each values represented in tables are means ± SD (N=3). Values with different superscripts within same column are significantly different (P<0.05). (SCHE); n-hexane fraction, (SCEE); ethyl acetate fraction, (SCBE); n-butanol fraction, (SCAE), aqueous fraction.