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Figure 3

From: Inhibition of Raf-MEK-ERK and Hypoxia pathways by Phyllanthus prevents metastasis in human lung (A549) cancer cell line

Figure 3

Expression level of Pan-Ras, c-Raf, c-Jun/AP-1, Elk-1, c-Myc, HIF-1α, Bcl-2, and FUSE-binding proteins in (a) untreated A549 cells and cells treated with (b) aqueous P. niruri, (c) aqueous P. urinaria, (d) aqueous P. watsonii, (e) aqueous P. amarus, (f) methanolic P. niruri, (g) methanolic P. urinaria, (h) methanolic P. watsonii, and (i) methanolic P. amarus , (j) Expression level of VEGF in untreated-control and Phyllanthus -treated A549 cells, (k) Percentage of individual protein expression analysed using Image J software.

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