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Table 2 Extraction yield of aqueous and ethanol extracts from the studied mushrooms

From: Neurite outgrowth stimulatory effects of culinary-medicinal mushrooms and their toxicity assessment using differentiating Neuro-2a and embryonic fibroblast BALB/3T3

Mushrooms Extract Yield (%, w/w)
Lignosus rhinocerotis (S) Aqueous 3.56
Lignosus rhinocerotis (M)   4.65
Hericium erinaceus   8.56
Ganoderma lucidum   3.67
Ganoderma neo-japonicum   5.75
Grifola frondosa   3.54
Pleurotus pulmonarius   3.60
Pleurotus giganteus   6.70
Hericium erinaceus Ethanol 4.50
Cordyceps militaris   3.45
Pleurotus pulmonarius   6.70
Pleurotus giganteus   5.30
Lycium barbarum (wolfberry) Aqueous 9.76
Gingko biloba Ethanol n.d
  1. (S) = sclerotium, (M) = mycelium. n.d. = not determined.