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Table 3 The effect of TXYF on PAR-2 mRNA expression in the colonic mucosa of PI-IBS rats (n=10)

From: The inhibitory effect of tongxieyaofang on rats with post infectious irritable bowel syndrome through regulating colonic par-2 receptor

Group Dose (g/kg) Relative expression quantification of PAR-2mRNA
Normal rats - 0.634±0.224
PI-IBS rats - 1.485±0.537**
TXYF-H rats 4.8 0.912±0.197#
TXYF-M rats 2.4 1.104±0.285#
TXYF- L rats 1.2 1.206±0.318
Alosetron rats 1.5×10-3 0.903±0.175#
  1. **p<0.01 vs Normal rats; #p<0.05 vs PI-IBS rats.