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Table 4 Antimicrobial susceptibility test performed with commercially available disks using Disc diffusion assay

From: The anti-shigellosis activity of the methanol extract of Picralima nitida on Shigella dysenteriae type I induced diarrhoea in rats

Antibiotics G A/C Ni K A N C E C A V Dm S T C D S Ce
Diameters of the inhibitory zones (mm) 18 0 14 0 0 28 14 12 24 0 18 12 12 0 0 18 18 0
  1. Gentamycin (G), Amoxicyclin/ clavulanic Acid (A/C), Nitrofurantoin (Ni), Kanamycin (K), Ampicilin (A), Netilmicin (N), Colistin (C), Erythromycin (E), Ciprofloxacin (C), Amoxycylin (A), Vancomycin (V), Doxycyclin monohydrate (Dm), Spectinomycin (S), Tobramycin (T), Clindamycin (C), Dibekacin (D), Steptomycin (S) Cefoxitin (Ce).