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Table 1 Inhibition zones of leaf and root extracts of three varieties of Labisia pumila against pathogenic fungi at a concentration of 450 μg/well

From: Antifungal, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxicity activities of three varieties of labisia pumila benth: from microwave obtained extracts

*Sample   Inhibition Zone (diameter in cm)  
Fusarium sp. Candida sp. Mucor sp.
Pumila Leaf 0.65c 0.82b 0.70c
Alata Leaf 0.71b 0.75c 0.81b
Lanceolata Leaf 0.45g 0.67d 0.57d
Pumila Root 0.60 d 0.55f 0.47e
Alata Root 0.57 e 0.62e 0.45f
Lanceolata Root 0.49 f 0.51g 0.33g
Streptomycin 1.28a 1.24a 1.18a
  1. Means with different superscripts within column are significantly different (P < 0.05).
  2. * Sample - methanolic extracts and standard antibiotic agent.