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Table 4 Disclosure of HDS use to doctors and the reasons for not disclosing (n=189)

From: Prevalence of herbal and dietary supplement usage in Thai outpatients with chronic kidney disease: a cross-sectional survey

  Frequency Percentage
Informed their doctor about their HDS use   
  Yes 53 28.0
  No 136 72.0
Reasons for not reporting HDS use (n=144)*   
  Health care providers don’t ask 66 45.8
  Patients worried that their doctor will disapprove of HDS use 22 15.3
  Short-term or occasional use 19 13.2
  No need to inform their practitioner 18 12.5
  Didn’t see their doctor during the period of HDS use 8 5.5
  Just start using HDS and no opportunity 4 2.8
  Stopping or planning to stop using HDS 3 2.1
  Don’t want to tell them 2 1.4
  HDS are safe 1 0.7
  Doesn’t influence their disease (s) 1 0.7
  1. * Respondents reported more than one reason, so these total more than 136.