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Table 2 Current integrative medicine pain treatments at 24 weeks for completers ( N = 252)

From: The BraveNet prospective observational study on integrative medicine treatment approaches for pain

Integrative modality groupa Patients Percentage
Acupuncture/TCM 115 47.3%
Manipulation Therapy 51 21.0%
Mind/Body 27 11.1%
Integrative Medicine Consult 25 10.3%
Exercise 12 4.9%
Yoga 6 2.5%
Alternative Medical Systems 6 2.5%
Energy Therapy 1 0.4%
  1. a Individual integrative medicine modalities were grouped into eight categories. Acupuncture/TCM: acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, tai chi; Manipulation therapy: chiropractic, osteopathy, massage; Mind/Body: biofeedback, deep breathing exercises, hypnosis, meditation, prayer for health, progressive relaxation, psychotherapy; Alternative Medicine Systems: Ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathy, folk medicine; Energy therapy: healing touch, energy therapy/reiki, Qi gong; Integrative Medicine Consult, Yoga, and Exercise were stand-alone categories.