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Table 8 Correlation of total phenolics and flavonoids content with antioxidant assays of the extract and fractions of M. royleanus leaves

From: Assessment of phytochemicals, antioxidant, anti-lipid peroxidation and anti-hemolytic activity of extract and various fractions of Maytenus royleanus leaves

           Assays Correlation R2  
Phenolics Flavonoids
IC50 of DPPH radical scavenging potential 0.9256b 0.9812b
IC50 of superoxide radical scavenging potential 0.7379a 0.7905a
IC50 of total antioxidant capacity 0.2568 0.1892
IC50 of hydroxyl radical scavenging potential 0.3843 0.3181
IC50 of hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging potential 0.7240a 0.6718a
IC50 of ABTS radical scavenging potential 0.1285 0.0354
IC50 of inhibition of lipid peroxidation 0.6542a 0.6587a
  1. Methanol extract and its fractions of M. royleanus were used in correlation.
  2. a,b indicate significance at P < 0.05 & P < 0.01 respectively.