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Table 3 Effect of High cholesterol diet, rutin and their combination on levels of MDA, GSH and H2O2

From: Protective effect of rutin on the antioxidant genes expression in hypercholestrolemic male Westar rat

Group MDA (mmol/g) GSH (nmol/100mg) H2O2 (μM)
Control (rat chow) 256±7.21 171.91±7.48 1.3±0.6
Rutin (0.2%) 260.50±7.49 170.53±4.06 1.1±0.43
High cholesterol diet 315.34±6.79* 143.07±2.16* 5.9±1.1*
Rutin (0.2%) + HCD 263.56±9.02*# 192.87±4.22*# 1.8±0.98#
  1. Data were expressed as Mean±SEM. *&# indicate a significant change from control and HCD, respectively, at p < 0.05 using ANOVA followed by Tukey-Kramer as a post ANOVA test. Six animals were used in each group.