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Table 3 Translated questions according to checklist of Behrens and Langer with number of studies achieving criteria (+)

From: How to locate and appraise qualitative research in complementary and alternative medicine

Question: Number of included studies with (+):
1. Is the research question clearly formulated? 27
2. Which qualitative design was selected and was a reason given? 27
3. Was a literature review performed? 16
4. Were the participants adequately selected and the population clearly defined and was the selection justified? 29
5. Were the participants and their environment and also the researchers sufficiently described? 14
6. Was the data collection method described in detail? 24
7. How was the data analysis performed? 28
8. Was the data collection conducted until saturation had been reached? 17
9. Are the results comprehensive, plausible and coherent? 28
10. Were the results confirmed? 23
11. Do the results help my own practice to better understand the participants in their settings? 30
12. Are there concrete possibilities to transfer the findings to other settings? 28
Added by the general questions:  
A. Openness 6
B. Intersubjective validity 14
C Reflexivity 8